Privacy Policy

Authentic Use of Personal Data

ME Supplement is committed with their professional, dedicated and efficient team to fulfill all your requirements regarding personal health successfully. For that reason, we will collect authentic, reliable and useful personal health data and information from all users and clients for operational activities.

Use of Personal Data Collection

ME Supplement keeps the rights for protecting valuable data or information regarding your personal health in our security system. We will use this personal data in order to assess the activities and personal health of all users. We are not limited to employ tracking technologies and cookies. For us, the safety is the most important concern regarding the use of personal health data or information.

Usage of Tracking Technologies and Cookies

On this health portal, we are intended to employ durable and versatile tracking technologies to assess all the activities of users and shield their data related to personal health and safety. Moreover, we employ different cookies to weigh up the personal data of users using three formats like preference cookies, sessions cookies and security cookies. Furthermore, ME Supplement aims to protect the data of all users by utilizing the latest tracking tools and technologies, involving beacons, scripts and tags.

Practical Use of Personal Information

ME Supplement employs different tactics to use and protect your personal information in the following ways:-

  • To make certain amendments in upgrading our service
  • To offer 24/7 Technical Support service for user’s personal data security purposes
  • To offer creative interactive features to promote our service
  • To assess user’s personal health data to promote our service
  • To evaluate the activities of third parties, companies and service providers for security purposes
  • To give best advice to one and all regarding the practical use, safety and upgrading of our service

Allocation of Personal Data

If you are a permanent resident in the USA and want to hire our service, then you will need to submit the confidential data, information, and documents regarding your personal health history at our official health portal. We pledge as your personal data will be protected by us for longer version. You can use this domain to transfer your personal information on this site if you are currently living in the U.S.

Security Measures to Protect Your Personal Data

ME Supplement implements the proactive safety measures by using the latest tools and technologies to protect your personal health data on this portal efficiently. Hence, we ensure to keep your 100% data security by any means if you are using this domain.

Third Parties, Service Providers & Companies

We have the rights for our website’s ownership, so no one can snatch the information, data, content or Privacy Policy from this site. If someone does this, then he or she will be liable for legal action against him or her by us. But we will also give the access to third parties, service providers and companies to review the personal data so as to execute their tasks on our half  on this site. Thus, all service providers are not allowed to disclose the confidential information for any wrong activity.

Use of Other Site Links

Well, we allow all users to visit the other site links on this portal for only informational purposes. But if you perform any wrongdoing or unlawful activity using our site, we will take take a strict legal action against the wrongdoer and breach of agreement.

Policy for Children

We always protect the rights for children on this portal, as we do not collect the personal data or information of those children who are under the age of 18.